Student Services

Placement Training

A team of professors work in this placement cell to motivate and train the students to acquire job after their studies.

Progress Monitoring

In order to pay individual attention, each student is being monitored of his/her performance in education.

Vocabulary Training

As English is the medium of instruction and as most of the students are from Tamil Medium, the college deemed it necessary to train them in vocabulary and their progress is being regularly checked.


Minority Scholarship

The College facilitates the Government minority scholarships.

SC Scholarship

Students are helped to get this scholarship. Here we believe education is a transformative experience. We challenge our students to critically examine the social values and find out how they can be improved for a better world. The class room we believe is only part of the educational experience of our students as we also make them learn through relationships, behavior and community service.

Alumni Association

AVASC Alumni is dedicated in serving the former students of AVASC. It helps to connect them, elicits their suggestions and their support for the betterment of the college. It suggests ways and means to get proper orientation for higher education and also for employment.


As part of the formation of the students, sports and games become part of the programmes of the college. The college takes special effort to encourage sports activities and participates in all sports activities of the university.


The college magazine named ‘Mei Kaan’ (Discover truth) is published by the college. It encourages the talents of the students and is also informative.

Redressal committee

To be more democratic, a redressal committee is formed where the students can express their difficulties without fear. It connects the students and the management effectively and improves the efficiency of the students.

Public service

The college leads the students to participate in community programmes in which they teach sanitation, healthcare and eradication of social evils. They plant trees around the campus, clean the campus, and conduct camps in villages.