There are 1 boys' hostel and 1 girls' hostel providing accommodation to over 4000 boys and 2400 girls.The hostels are of the following types:

  1. Single Room / 2-in-1 / 4-in1 (Bath Attached).
  2. Single Room / 2-in-1 / 3-in-1 / 4-in-1

The hostels provide a salubrious ambience and a feel-good climate and are equipped with all amenities for living, dining and recreation that makes each inmate feel at home. They provide a right atmosphere for intellectual stimulation and balanced growth.

Collage has always believed in catering to the palate and providing wholesome and balanced nutrition in a hygienic environment. A completely balanced vegetarian diet is served in all hostels equipped with steam-cooking facilities. There is also North Indian Cuisine in addition to the South Indian culinary delights. 370 Mbps Wi-Fi is available to all the inmates of the hostels. A well furnished guest house with adquate number of A/C and non-A/C rooms is available for visitors on prior request and subject to availability.

What can or should I bring?
Flashlight, Batteries Hangers
Erasable message board Stationery, stamps
Laundry bag/basket Towels, washcloths
Pillows, Mattress pad First aid kit
Eating utensils, Tupperware Dust bin

General Information

Telephones Each residential hall is equipped with telephone connections.
Room Furnishings Each resident is provided with a bed, wardrobe or closet, desk and chair.
ID Cards Each student is provided with a photo ID card that must be carried at all times. This ID card is also necessary in order to obtain meals.
Food Service Food served is purely vegetarian and offers variety.
Security The Public Safety Office is located in the Student Center and is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The front desk of Ananda Vihar is staffed 24 hours a day when the residences are open for occupancy. Ananda Vihar and Students' Home have only one public entrance. Exits, other than the main entrance/exit are locked from the inside and are alarmed. It is the responsibility of the residents to maintain a secure entrance.