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Established in 2009, Annai Vailankianni Arts and Science College is a Catholic Minority College owned by the diocese of Tanjore Society. Bearing the name of of the most famous Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Health, Vailankanni, it is situated amidst the lush green cashew grove in the heart of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Our Mission

To cultivate respect for God and humanity, to educate students for social transformation, to empower the youth to face the challenges of life and to train the youth to be eminently eligible for employment.

Our Vision

Leadership in various fields, equipping themselves to face the challenges of life and be a catalyst for change. Ever since St.Joseph’s College which is now situtated in Trichy left its birth place Nagapattinam in 1883, the diocese of Thanjavur deemed it necessary to have college of its own. Its dream to educate the rural youth of the region mostly depending on agriculture became a reality in 2009. Most Rev.Dr.M.Devadass Ambrose, Bishop of Thanjavur, a renowned educationist and a Biblical Scholar gave the nod to start the college.

Our Founder

Let's here it from our Founders


Most Rev.Dr.M. Devadass Ambrose.

Annai Vailankanni Arts and Science College, run by the diocese of Thanjavur, was started with the aim of providing quality education with human values. This college stands for the best standard in imparting values and discipline among students. The concern of the college is to bring integral development of the students and thus importance is given for spiritual, moral, academic and social growth.

This college is the evolution of scores of young people who approached me and requested me to provide them with a way to lead a respectable life and to show the path towards that goal. I thought that the best solution to their problem would be starting a college which excels in every aspect and that this college education would change their lives. In the past nine years many such students have undergone the collegiate education with us and are happy about the transformation which they experienced here.

I believe that young people who are properly motivated will bring such a change in the society where peace, harmony, compassion and service reign supreme. This will bring about a new society of mutual giving and sacrifice. In this new world order there will be no hunger, poverty and violence. Thus integral education will make a sea change in society.

I also would like to place on record that this college is built on the sacrifices of so many people who gave their mite not from their abundance but from their sacrifice with the intention that this institution will help young people with proper motivation and vision. Therefore it is all the more important that this college endeavours to fulfil these aspirations.

I am optimistic that the college will make its unique contribution by the selfless service of the administrative team, professors and knowledge seeking students. Days are not far away when this college will be known as one of the best colleges in the state. I wish and pray that we will work towards that goal and pray to God that He may bless us all in this noble mission.

Our Management

Bishop of Thanjavur


Most Rev.Dr.M.Devadass Ambrose.
















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